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GitHub Advisory Database

Security vulnerability database inclusive of CVEs and GitHub originated security advisories from the world of open source software.

14,572 advisories

SQl injection in jeecgboot High
CVE-2023-40989 was published for org.jeecgframework.boot:jeecg-boot-common (Maven) Sep 22, 2023
Out-of-bounds Read while parsing citations High
CVE-2023-42821 was published for (Go) Sep 22, 2023
AEADs/aes-gcm: Plaintext exposed in decrypt_in_place_detached even on tag verification failure Moderate
CVE-2023-42811 was published for aes-gcm (Rust) Sep 22, 2023
pgAdmin failed to properly control the server code Moderate
CVE-2023-5002 was published for pgadmin4 (pip) Sep 22, 2023
FUXA vulnerable to Local File Inclusion Moderate
CVE-2023-31716 was published for @frangoteam/fuxa (npm) Sep 22, 2023
FUXA local file inclusion vulnerability Moderate
CVE-2023-31718 was published for fuxa-server (npm) Sep 22, 2023
FUXA SQL Injection vulnerability Moderate
CVE-2023-31719 was published for fuxa-server (npm) Sep 22, 2023
FUXA SQL Injection vulnerability Moderate
CVE-2023-31717 was published for fuxa-server (npm) Sep 22, 2023
Denial of Service issue in quinn-proto High
CVE-2023-42805 was published for quinn-proto (Rust) Sep 21, 2023
plone.restapi vulnerable to Stored Cross Site Scripting with SVG image in user portrait Low
GHSA-hc5c-r8m5-2gfh was published for plone.restapi (pip) Sep 21, 2023
systeminformation SSID Command Injection Vulnerability Critical
CVE-2023-42810 was published for systeminformation (npm) Sep 21, 2023
plone.namedfile vulnerable to Stored Cross Site Scripting with SVG images Low
CVE-2023-41048 was published for plone.namedfile (pip) Sep 21, 2023
CefSharp affected by heap buffer overflow in WebP Critical
GHSA-j646-gj5p-p45g was published for CefSharp.Common (NuGet) Sep 21, 2023
phonenumber panics on parsing crafted RF3966 inputs High
CVE-2023-42444 was published for phonenumber (Rust) Sep 21, 2023
sno2 gferon
blurhash panics on parsing crafted inputs High
CVE-2023-42447 was published for blurhash (Rust) Sep 21, 2023
SQLpage vulnerable to public exposure of database credentials Critical
CVE-2023-42454 was published for sqlpage (Rust) Sep 21, 2023
sudo-rs Session File Relative Path Traversal vulnerability Low
CVE-2023-42456 was published for sudo-rs (Rust) Sep 21, 2023
Vulnerable OpenSSL included in cryptography wheels Low
GHSA-v8gr-m533-ghj9 was published for cryptography (pip) Sep 21, 2023 vulnerable to Denial of Service when ++api++ is used many times High
CVE-2023-42457 was published for (pip) Sep 21, 2023
Zope vulnerable to Stored Cross Site Scripting with SVG images Low
CVE-2023-42458 was published for Zope (pip) Sep 21, 2023
mauritsvanrees icemac
Improper Input Validation in nocodb Moderate
CVE-2023-5104 was published for nocodb (npm) Sep 21, 2023
Composer allows cache poisoning from other projects built on the same host Moderate
CVE-2015-8371 was published for composer/composer (Composer) Sep 21, 2023
Tungstenite allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service Moderate
CVE-2023-43669 was published for tungstenite (Rust) Sep 21, 2023
Yii2 allows attackers to execute any local .php file via a relative path in the view parameter Moderate
CVE-2015-5467 was published for yiisoft/yii2 (Composer) Sep 21, 2023
Vyper vulnerable to memory corruption in certain builtins utilizing `msize` High
CVE-2023-42443 was published for vyper (pip) Sep 20, 2023
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